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See the future of Bentley’s design ambition. Today.

This is a first look at our British interpretation of a pinnacle luxury, high performance two-seater sports car. A bold statement, and one which reflects Bentley’s progressive ideology in the use of ultra-modern automotive design, highly skilled handcrafting, the finest materials and advanced performance technology.

It is a statement only Bentley could make – one that, we believe, will redefine a sector.

Muscular, athletic bodywork echoes the inspiration drawn from sleek, aerodynamic aircraft forms. Our designers have sought, and found, a harmony between sharp lines and flowing surfaces and have evocatively harnessed the twisting, sculpted surfaces to imply speed.

Striking copper elements are employed, on both exterior and interior features, as accents to highlight the hybrid potential of this concept’s advanced new powertrain.

The inspiration for the interior comes from the continuous line that runs around the cabin, driving through the console into two symmetrical wings before flowing into the door and looping back into the console armrest. Two quilted sports seats are positioned either side of the narros centre console which houses exquisite driver controls and a highly intuitive 12″ touch screen. These features combine futuristic technology seamlessly with progressive Bentley craftsmanship.

Bentley’s most performance oriented luxury cabin is born of the principles of established luxury applied in new and invigorating ways such as two-metal 3D texturing and a deftly intuitive 12” touchscreen.


The words of Sang Yup Lee, Bentley’s Head of Advanced Design, say everything: “When I judge a sports car, I have a simple logic. Unless you fall in love with it at first sight, the car is a failure.”

Prepare to fall in love – with the next generation of sports cars.

The Bentley sports car.

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